While trial technique and advocacy skills are an important part of prosecutorial work, the role of a prosecutor extends beyond this single purpose. For too many years the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has operated by this outdated model of proving its success through trial work. I believe a prosecutor’s job extends beyond the courtroom and involves a collaborative process by working with our Criminal Justice Partners – community groups, police, the Public Defender, private defense bar, the Superior Court and local government.  This is not happening in Contra Costa County.  


As the District Attorney of
Contra Costa County I will:

  • Enforce and prosecute laws fairly to ensure offenders who threaten public safety are locked up.
  • Be a leader in crime prevention utilizing the latest technologies, data analytics and community prosecution models to address the rising crime rates through crime prevention and enforcement.
  • Reduce recidivism for low-level offenders through alternative sentencing options and treatment and prevention solutions.
  • Modernize and standardize the charging process to better protect victim rights, address rising crime rates and efficiently utilize police services.
  • Collaborate with criminal justice partners, community groups and local governments to seek crime prevention, lower recidivism and serve justice for victims.
  • Hold myself and the attorney’s in the office to the highest ethical standards and run the department in an honest and impartial manner.

The citizens of Contra Costa County
deserve quality, progressive leadership
from their District Attorney.